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Thread: 3D arrows?

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    Default 3D arrows?

    I am new to shooting 3D tournaments competivally and was wondering how Easton FMJ's would perform out to 50yds? I don't want to change my hunting set up for target. would I be fine with these arrows? I shoot 72lbs. and 28in draw.

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    I too shoot my hunting rig in 3D. I guess it depends on what you want out of it. If you're looking to keep in practice for the season then go with what you use in the stand; if you want to get serious about it as an activity of it's own then for arrows alot of the guys seem to like Fatboy's. The serious shooters will set up separate rigs; it's kind of up to you. Shoot what you have and see where it takes you, it's alot of fun in any case.
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