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    Smile Has anyone shot the Mathews, Outback

    I was at the archery shop the other day, mentioned that I had been looking at the Ovation, (I like a long axle to axle), and the dealer broke out a brochure on next years bow-the Swithback, which is longer than the Outback. I told him I had written off the Outback because of it's length, he grabbed the Outback from the rack and said,"let's go!" I shot that bow outside his shop and was totally amazed. I could not tell it had went off. The Swithback is 33" and has harmonic dampeners in the roller cable guard, otherwise I believe it to be the same as the Outback.

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    Thumbs up

    I have an Outback. I love the way it shoots. 30 inch draw , 70 lbs. I also have a Conquest Pro. I like it better for the tournaments. It is 44 inches long verses the Outback at 33. The Conquest is a little more stable, but not as smooth. The Outback is quiet and goes off with very little recoil. I bought it for hunting. I love both bows.

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    I am curious about the difference between the outback and the swithchback. I don't have the specs in front of me, but I thought the swithback was going to be 3" longer with different cams, basically a combination of the outback and LX. This late in the game I think I will wait to shoot both before making that large of a purchase. Doesn't leave much time to prepare for 3d season though.

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    See my post on the Switchback.

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    Thank you Chris, from what I'm hearing the only thing coming close to the switchback is the Bowtech Allegiance.

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    We just got in our Bowtech Allegiance. I will be putting it through the paces this week and will report the results.


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    Default Shooting them both

    I will be shooting them both as well to compare them...
    I couldn't resist,I had to shoot the allegiance.
    I will try and be fair.
    I just went chimp over the binary cam systems draw.
    I know I am happy with the bowtechs I did shoot,there are sweet.
    Did you shoot the victory diamond(bowtech) has out Chris?
    I might want to order one of them for hunting this year...we will see!

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    Default Outback length

    Mentioned above was the length of the is actually 31.5 inches axle-to-axle, with a 7 5/8 brace height, and 23.5 inch riser. I currently have an Outback, but am not in love with the string suppressors. The bow is dead in the hand after the shot arguing with that. I wish the grip was a tad smaller, and that it didn't have suppressors...oh well, guess I have to buy a Bowtech!

    I did finally get a chance to shoot the Liberty...WOW I was impressed!

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