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    Default New guy with a lot of questions

    Me and my stepbrother were asking for a bow for Christmas. A few days ago my dad got 2 bows from an estate auction for dirt cheap. I'm not exactly sure what they are but I think they are the older Bear Whitetails. When we got them home, we realized that one was right-handed and the other left-handed. I'm not exactly sure how to tell which is left or right but I'm assuming that the notch in the bow goes to the left on a right handed bow. Of the two, I would assume my stepbrother would want the camo bow (right-handed I think) for hunting. I'm more interested in target shooting than hunting so I liked the other bow more. I know you can teach yourself to shoot left or right-handed but that is where my problem comes in. A few years ago, I dislocated my right shoulder and it has never been very strong since. When I was pulling the string back, I noticed that it was much easier to use my left hand. I'm not really sure which eye is dominate but I would assume it is right since I use it to shoot my pellet rifle. My question is would it be better for me to shoot left-handed or right-handed and can you shoot a left-handed bow right-handed or am I better off getting another bow?

    Also, I need to buy equipment for both of them (arrows, sights, all that fun stuff). Any recommendations on gear to get both bows that isn't too expensive. And are there any good bow shops in the Cincinnati area? The hunting bow needs to be toned down because my dad can’t even pull it back so I highly doubt my stepbrother can and I don't think we have the tools to do it ourselves.
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    Welcome to the forum Target Finder...

    first, I know some lefty's that have shot r/h bows lefty so it can be done. But...the cast risers on those old bows are not real comfortable in the wrong hand and if your grip is not consistant it will effect you shooting and raise your frustration level...
    You may be better off trying to find another r/h bow and dump the lefty on ebay or in the classified here....jmo

    as for accessories carbon express terminators are inexpensive. Try to stay away from used ebay arrows, you can't be sure what condition they're in and sometimes they are shorter than they say because they measured the overall length including point...

    most ly you will just have to search around for stuff you like. This time of year Dick's Sportinggoods and other large stores have big clearance sales on sights and rests and even arrows to make room for new stuff coming next year

    all I can say is don't get overwhelmed and discouraged, this is a great sport and can be alot of fun if you let it.

    Good luck and keep posting,

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    You'd probably be better off shooting with your dominant eye. My dad shot right handed because his left eye was bad from operations but after it started getting stronger he switched back. The best way to find your dominant eye is to use both hands and open them all the way with your fingers together but your thumbs straight out and face your palms away from you. Make a hole with your thumbs by overlapping your hands and matching your thumb tips with the base of the thumb on the opposite hand. Hold out your arms and focus on an object about twenty yards away through the opening and just pull your hands to your face. You will find that you end up looking through the opening with only one eye. That is your dominant eye.
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    Wow, that is a very interesting trick. Now that I think about it I might want to have my step-brother try that trick to see if he happens to be left eye dominate (he doesn't know about the bows yet). Thank you both for the information I found it very helpful.
    One more question though. Ever since I dislocated my shoulder, I've had problems with it popping out of place. Will it just be a case of as I practice it will build up strength? I have a soft shoulder brace that I use when I ride my dirt bike that helps compress the muscles in that area to help stabilize the joint would that get in the way of shooting if I use it?

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    My daughter has problems with her shoulder; she wears a soft brace the doctor had us order, it is no problem for her when shooting. She is shooting 36-37# and without the brace there is no way she could get through a 3D course. I think you will find that bow to be more difficult to shoot well that a newer bow, but the sight and arrows(assuming the draw weight is similar) you get can be used again for example, so try it out and see how you like it and go from there.
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    Just wrap it up when you shoot and work it out a lot. Get an exercise band and simulate drawing your bow over and over, every day. They sell a rubber band thing at bow shops just for this. Over time you'll build it back up. You can also lock your right arm as much as you can and push your bow out instead of pulling the string if you are able. Should take some stress off your shoulder cuz it won't be rotating as much.
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