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    Default Not sure where to start!!

    Hi there! I've always been interested in archery and I've decided to get one... I was looking around on a few sites and I feel SOOOO lost!! I don't want one too complicated and would preferably like to get a traditional bow... Never really liked the compounds but if anyone wants to convince me otherwise then I'm open!!! I am RH and might be hunting some small game with it. I don't have that much money to spend so if someone could point me in the direction of an inexpensive but reliable bow then that would be AWESOME!!!

    Also, I was thinking about trying to make my own arrows. Does anyone have any ideas??

    MUCHO Thanks!!!

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    If you are going to stick to small game you don't need much draw weight which will certainly help when learning a recurve. Compounds are easier to shoot accurately but there is nothing wrong with going traditional. ~35# would be plenty for your purpose; I haven't shot a recurve since I was a teen so I can't help you with the market.
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    I suggest going to a local archery shop and shooting several styles of bows. Recurves are generally less expensive than new compounds. If you decide to get a compound, I would suggest a discontinued, reduced price model. I got a 2007 Hoyt Vectrix this year for $425. That's about 2/3 the original cost for a bullet proof, nice shooting compound bow. My 55# recurve was bought at a yard sale for $30. When I first learned to shoot, I was shown the basics on a recurve. I got my own recurve bow with cedar arrows and set up a stack of hay bales. My target was a paper plate held on with a stick poked into the hay. I practiced at 5 yards until I could hit the plate nearly every time. I moved back 5 yards at a time, untill I could hit the plate every time out to 25 yards. I then felt ready to hunt deer. As your skills improve, I would make a 2" dot in the middle of the plate and set a goal to hit it every time, especially if you plan to hunt small game. If you aren't a natural at instinctive shooting you can put a rizer mounted sight on a recurve. A peep sight in the string really isn't necessary. My first sight was a tooth pick held across the front of the riser with a rubber band. I moved it up or down and left or right untill my arrow hit the dot at 15 yards when I lined the tip of the toothpick up with the target. Then I put a drop of Elmers glue on it to stabilize the tooth pick. Archery is an awesom sport that can be lots of fun. I hope you keep posting your experience. If you don't know the archery terms like "rizer" or "peep sight" yet, don't feel bad, neither did I at first. Just keep asking questions, visiting bow shopps, and research archery on your search engine or visit the library. All the info you could ever want is available. The experience is up to you.

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    Default Much thanks!!!

    I really appreciate you guys helping me out!! I haven't had a chance to get out yet because of work and it being the christmas season! Once i get into it though, i will sure to keep posts!!
    I'm so excited though!! Could you guys enlighten me a bit on some of the terms that are associated with archery??


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