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    Default Trouble making a buss cable

    I made my first string last night and kind of impressed myself. I ran about 100 arrows off of it with no peep rotation or creep yet. Pretty cool to do, but I tried to make a cable for my bow and can not figure out how to make the yoke and the loops all together. Is there any place on the web to look at or any suggestion you guys or girls have to steer me in the right direction?
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    Default Yeip

    Well you can go with a static, or floating yoke.
    I personally prefer Floating Yoke, and the majority of my strings are made as floating.

    Basically what you do is:
    Make an 16" string, with 3" serving on both ends.

    Then take the measurement of your buss cable and subtract 8".
    Reason being is that the 16" piece will be in half, which will equal 8".
    This is the YOKE. Floating yoke.

    So now you have the measurement after subtracting your 8" yoke.
    Make the piece so that all the tag ends of string material are at one end. Only serve that end. Not the other.

    This will create the position for the Yoke to slide through the end that was not served.

    This is a floating Yoke style split harness.

    Here is a Picture of one I just done on a PSE X-force for a member of this forum.

    Feel free to PM us here at ProLine BowStrings, we will help you if you have any other questions!


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