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Thread: Arrow building?

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    Default Arrow building?

    Can someone tell me how do you determine the weight of the right arrow for you?

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    It depends on what your doing with the arrow. What are you doing hunting, indoor, 3d??
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    If your question pertains to asking what does a person use as guidelines to determine the right choice of a given arrow to use with your bow. Most manufacturers have charts that help you figure out what size arrow is right for your bow this usually reflects your poundage on the bow the length of arrow which in most cases is fairly close to being the same as your draw length and also how heavy of a point or tip that you are going to use.

    If you need a chart to look at you can go to eastonarchery .com or Carbon Express .com and look for their arrow selection charts or programs

    Here again with the guides that they have they will ask if its a
    Soft wheel type cam
    Med twin cam
    Hard single cam

    Bow poundage
    Arrow length
    And some times point weight
    Then they will show you a bunch of options that should work with your given setup.

    As mentioned the overall arrow weight on a finished arrow may be implemented by what you plan on using it for with all the options that are available now days.

    Arrow building can be a fun hobby to start when working on your own arrows - have a great time with it and there plenty of people around here to help you get started.

    I hope this helps

    Also I see your somewhat new here welcome to the site
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    Default Help

    Thanks for the reply i'll check it out

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