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Thread: shopping

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    Default shopping

    Wanting to know what positive shopping experiences you guys and gals have had?
    I prefer to buy new as oppose to used.

    Do you archers mostly buy online?
    Who do you like best?
    Who has the best selection?

    All thoughts are welcome as I am looking for a new bow for my husband, his was stolen. He is semi-new.


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    Default I am not an expert but,

    I like to shop my local shops as much as possible. You may pay a little more for a product but the support you get is priceless. Establishing a relationship with a local Pro in the local shop can save you thousands of dollars in the long run by having someone who can evaluate the shooter, the purpose (hunting - 3D - Spots [target]) and the product. Look at the classifieds on Archery Talk and you will find loads of stuff that is 2 to 3 weeks old that someone ordered on-line and found it did not suit his or her purpose and now wants to sell it to try something else.

    My opinion and worth what you paid for it - shop local whenever you can.
    Clint in far west Kentucky

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