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    Quote Originally Posted by Daniel Boone View Post
    I have taken kids all my life. I give my time and effort to get them in the woods. I took a disabled vet this year in a blind in front of feeder. He had the time of his life. Its legal and if you have a promblem with someone taking a kid hunting. You need to go take a deep breath. Some of the guys I took at a very young age are ethical hunters. Who are you to judge anyone that hunts. I dont have to jutisfy my way of hunting. I know its legal in my state. I have wrote articles for years in the newpaper and guys like you are whats wrong with hunting. You think your way is the only way. Get overself. By the way this kid is most likely a better hunter at his age than you might ever be. He helps his dad guide and is a very ethical kid. Please inform how you hunt! Im sure I could pick it apart.
    Like you know something about taking others hunting. I do it ever year and have done for years.

    He looks so sad.

    Is this hunting??? - Bowhunting forum
    What ever....but when you say,you bet he'll love it....yes he probably will..why though...because he's a young kid and doesn't know the difference yet...but i'm sure you'll train him right hunting over a feeder.Your post that i quoted earlier came off as arrogant and nothing wrong with hunters like me...i taught my son and nephew in the woods...not over a bait pile.If it's legal,i don't care how one hunts as long as their not trying to justify teaching a kid over a feeder.If you really want to teach him good hunting skills...take him in the woods and try to show him how it's really done.As for the smart *** remark you know something about hunting....Bud...35yrs of hunting and i've killed everyone of my deer,turkeys the forests,...never needed a feeder to take a pot shot.
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    Is it hunting? Yes.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bulls Eye View Post
    I’ve enjoyed hunting over many years as much as anyone. I think hunting is a great sport and everyone is entitled to participate. However, I’m balking at what I saw last night as a “sport”. Last night, and on previous episodes of Versus, “hunters” arrive at an African hunting camp and are immediately placed in a ground blind 20 yards from an open area that is laced with food (some sort of vegetation). The “hunter” and “guide” sit inside and watch as several Kudos appear. They are surrounded by Kudos and other wildlife. Within an hour two Kudos are shot, by two separate “hunters” each taking their turn inside the blind. The Kudos were within 20 yds, broadside, standing still, and eating the bait. A bit later Wildebeests appear and the same thing again; shot at 20 yd. while broadside and eating. It was like shooting at domestic cattle, certainly not hunting in the normal sense. Yet, the “hunters” are euphoric, with high fives all around as though they have made a great hunting accomplishment.

    When hunting is always “under the gun” why add fodder to the argument? This was ridiculous! Why would anyone consider this hunting in the first place? I can just imagine the exaggerated stories that will be told about their great adventure in Africa. This will damage the sport!
    You've got a point. It is like shooting fish in a barrel. However A guy I work with says it is unethical to hunt with a bow. His reasoning is you owe the animal the cleanest quickest kill. I say he isn't a good enough shot with a bow. I personaly have never hunted but would like to go. I will hunt with my bow, and I will not take the shot unless I know for sure I will end that animals life as quick and clean as I can. I agree with the others that have said as long as you abide by the law you may hunt however you want. You and others may not think it is right and that is ok by me. If we all had the same views and interests life would be dull. Remember it is ok to disagree and debate a point. But in the end you have to be satisfied with agreeing to disagree.
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    In the clubs I have hunted with you can't go walking through the woods looking for a deer. You would be thrown out of the club at the next meeting. We do all the looking before deer season. I could care less how someone else wants to hunt. I would just say it's important to respect the traditions and methods of the local area in which you are hunting. They most likely came about for good reasons.

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    In the woods or over bait. Its the same thing. Deer in the woods are eating vegetation. Where I live the deer will go to the corn fields to eat until they cut down the corn. I have put bait in the woods and watched the deer walk by like they new it should not be there. Once the corn field is cut the deer eat vegetation in the woods. One way or the other you are shooting that animal wile it is looking for food or tail. I have a real problem with People that act like they are better than others because their way is pure or whatever. I don't hunt over bait because the deer seem to know why that bait is there and start to get very on edge. Where I am the bait actually makes the hunt harder. As for stalking, come to pa and try that in my woods. You won't know the deer is there until the deer starts to run. Now maybe I am not as good as some of you but i don't know any one that shoots a bow at a running deer. Not to mention that if went stalking on public lands you will end up in a fight for sure. To each his own. I am sure that in the west stalking is a good way to do things but I don't know anyone that dose it in this state.

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