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    Default fletching arrows

    I am fairly new to the bow world. I have a hoyt cybertech and I bought my 11yr old son a diamond edge. I have a whiskerbiskit rest and he has a octane rest. I want to know If I can fletch both sets of arrows with helical fletching or do they need to be set straight with these types of rests. I plan on buying a fletching jig to cut down on travel and expenses to have arrows repaired. I have read several articles on both fletching settings, but nothing states what type of rest the helical can be used with. thanks, Marty

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    well marty,the answer to your question is yes you can use a helical fletch with both rests.but,do yourself a favor and use blazer vanes or some vane comparable.i like the new nap twisters personally but blazers are great.the shorter vanes are just a little tougher than 4" vanes but you can use 4" vanes if the new short vanes don't tickle your fancy but why would you they weigh more and it will affect your front of center if that matters to you.i ,at the moment,shoot a whisker biscuit but plan on bolting up a trophy taker in a few days to see how that goes.i have shot helical blazers and twister's for years thru the biscuit and it performed,fletch those shafts with as much helical that you can get with those short vanes and enjoy the wonderful world of archery!!!!!!!!!!!

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