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Thread: Whisker Biscuit

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    Default Whisper Bizcuts

    I think they are great for the average guy. When I say average, I mean average, average doesn't mean subpar so don't get your feathers in a knot.

    I think they are the greatest thing ever for beginners.
    Prostaff of whatever DB uses.

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    Not A Big Fan Of The W/b.
    But Shot With A Guy At The Ibo. World's And He Made The Fianl's.

    Your Call

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    It's a good rest for hunting but I don't shoot vanes on hunting arrows, I use feathers. Feathers shoot through WB just fine, they will show some slight wear after a few hours of pratice, but it seems to stablize.
    I shoot a fall away on the same bow, but will switch it to the WB right before hunting season.

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    good for your arrow maker

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    I think the wb is a good rest for hunting, because it keeps your arrow nockked at all times its quite to, I havent noticed anny affects in accuracy, my bow patterns very well through a wb and I shoot blazers through it.

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