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    Default Please Help Identify

    I have just returned from an estate sale where I purchased a hand made longbow. It is about 80 inches in length, tapered at both ends, with a very slight curve. Approximately 1 1/4" diameter with a little bit of work done to flatten the face. The wood is very dark, almost black and has a grain like walnut. It has a very loose string of some kind of natural fibers. Draw weight feels like it could go 50#. The craftsmanship appears to be more utilitarian than decorative which leads me to believe I have found a real hunting weapon.

    There was also a bamboo arrow which was about 5 ft. long but it was trashed so I left it. (I may later regret that)

    Thanks for any help someone might be able to give in identifying this.

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    Welcome to the forum Green Genes I am not much of a longbowman but I do love them. Some of them are very rare and can be worth lots of $$$$$$. That being said there are many that are also common and not worth much except for their beauty and simplicity. I hope someone can help you out and confirm you have a real treasure. Good luck and keep us informed.


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    Hey Guys,

    My lovely wifey did a little bit of surfing and we're 97.5% sure that I have one of these.

    Made of this

    I wonder if there are any initiations or customs I need to observe before I hunt with it?
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    Sure enough, it's one of these. I'm glad I could buy it at an estate sale instead of trying to take it away from this guy.

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    Default nice find

    Welcome Green Genes.
    nice find, too bad the arrow was trashed though.
    Is there any way to find out the bows history?

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