Getting ready to make a bunch of quivers for my Church Youth Group and not having a clue.
Luckily my 3 ladies are all sporting custom Wheely Quivers, to base my plans on, and not wanting to be left out myself, I found a few of my old "Sea bags" (Those would be "Duffle bags" for you Ground Pounder types) and took them apart, removed the straps and buckles, and flat pockets, etc. (I get issued a new one just about every deployment and the bottoms fall about after a few trips dragging them across the non-skid, anyway. ;-)

After only 4 hours of non-stop work I now have it this far done:

Granted the bulk of my time was occupied with a seam-ripper, taking apart the old Sea bags, but converting the flat pocket to a stand-up "pouch" pocket took me almost an hour to figure out how to and then do, but I really didn't want to waste the already made pocket front and flap with snaps already installed.... the Pencil & Marker slip pocket was easy in comparison!

It should really go a lot quicker, now.