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    Default Truth of "all" scent killer products?

    Just a quick question to what all you think of the thousands of different scent killer products on the market? Do they work or not, or is it a "wind" only difference? This is in reference to the fact that, for example, my father who is a smoker and also drenches himself in bug spray still has deer come up to him within feet EVERY year. Nevermind the fact he does not use a stand, and is primarily a stalker or sitter. He had a beatiful 8 pointer come within 15 yards of him this season right after a straight uphill hike in cold weather and noticeable body heat rising off him, nevermind smoke.

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    In my experience, they work. I've had days in the field where I didn't spray down and watched a doe come in a sniff EVERY step I took!
    Also had days when I did spray down and watched deer walk my trail without ever reacting to me being there.

    Sprays alone are not the end all fo scent control. You need to take it as far as you're willing meaning scent proof storage of clothes and gear, showering with unscented shampoos and soap, etc.

    As far as father's experiences, a lot has to do with the area he's hunting as far as pressure. Also whether the rut is on or not. Bucks react totally differently when they are rutted up.

    To answer your question, I believe they work.
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