2006 Ben pearson stealth camo,
50-60# (maxes at 64)
27-29 draw
Huricane cams
Vapor trail lime green and black strings and cable
Vapor trail limb driver drop away arrow rest(90.00 new)works awesome
string loop
sniper extreme camo 3 fixed pin sight(80.00)(.019 pins),threaded on end of sight for powered lense,also threaded for purple hazelight,i dont have either lense or light,can be ordered through extreme.
bow jaxs on bow and strings
s-coil stabilizer(20.00)
i think the ata is 33-34
shot less than 100 shots
wanted to try one,(very nice hunting or 3d bow,33 ata that shoots lke 37)
at 60 # 28 draw with 310 arrow its doing 296 fps.
im a long time bowtech owner
1000.00 invested sell outfitted for 600.00 shipped or 400.00 bare.
will get some pics on later hopefully.this bow is spotless