Hoyt Intruder bow for sale. It is my wifes bow that she used to hunt with. She has not used it in a while and really just does not have an interest anymore. I am not the archery expert and she never took the time to learn all the terms of accessory so I will try my best to describe features. It has approx a 60lb pull, there is a sticker listing the settings but it is kind of old and the ink is faded plus I don't have clue as to what it all stands for. So If you have any specifc questions please ask and I will do my best to answer. It also includes a soft case, arm and finger protection. counter balance, string damper. There are some accessory mounts already on it one for a sight which we can not find right now(please don't expect it in the sale) as well as a quiver. A hip quiver is included with some practice arrows. Wrench and some various counter balances for difference weights.

I do have some pictures upon request. Please email me with any questions.

I am asking $150 for the complete package plus postage. This is an as is sale, no warranties or guarentees. I have listed everything above as to the best of my knowledge. Please remember that I am not an expert or very knowledgable in archary. So ask if you have any questions. I will be willing to negotiate on price but please be reasonable on offers