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Thread: bow presses

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    Default bow presses

    was wondering if anyone had any information on the detowis bow press..

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    here is a google search on it

    looks like a portable press not sure if it is still made or not...

    here is a thread on archery talk about it also

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    I have been using one for a number of years now. Great portable press!!. The nice thing about it is that you place it on your bow and then draw it back to press it, then flip the bow upside down and then draw alittle and let down to take the press off. Takes about 10sec to press your limbs. One down side it that a piece of leather came off of one of the limbs locks and it left a mark on one of my limbs. My fault for using it with the protection gone. But all and all it is a great press and very simple to use.
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