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    Default Wolves in the news

    Just a little info to pass on

    Grey wolves taken off the endangers species list....again.
    Thursday, January 15, 2009, 4:23 PM

    by Bob Meyer

    As one of its final acts, the Bush Administration will again remove the grey wolf from the Endangered Species List in the Western Great Lakes and northern Rocky Mountains. The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service says they have satisfied the legal objections raised in federal court last fall and took the wolf off the list on Wednesday. Wildlife officials say the wolf has made a full recovery in the area for example, the goal is to have 350 in Wisconsin, the Department of Natural Resources says they counted 564 in the Badger State last year. Under the plan, state officials will be in charge of managing the wolf population.

    It is not known if the President Obama will reverse the ruling when he reviews the Bush “Eleventh Hour Regulations” once he takes office. Meanwhile, environmental groups say they will go back to court in an effort to once again put the wolf on the protected list. The wolves were taken off the list early last year but a federal judge put them back on saying the state management plans could not guarantee they would sustain the recovery. Wolves do remain protected in Wyoming due to a state law.
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    Quote Originally Posted by JDX-- View Post
    It is not known if the President Obama will reverse the ruling when he reviews the Bush “Eleventh Hour Regulations” once he takes office.
    If not, we have a liberal federal judge here in Missoula who will probably be sympathetic to the anti's lawsuits again. I wouldn't expect a 2009 wolf hunt.

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    we will get a wolf season sooner or later, I heard something about some govt funding to ranchers for $$ reimbersment for wolves killing their livestock, that really erks me to no end, I think theirs better things that money could be used for. Not saying that the ranchers shouldnt get payback, that i agree with for sure, my problem really is that its pry MT tax payers money thats funding this, and all those tree huggers that dont pay taxes dont care, we should kill the wolves, or make the people who want them around pay for the damage they cause.

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    "In what's becoming a presidential tradition, Montana's wolves are back on the endangered species list while President Barack Obama's staff reviews last-minute decisions of former President George W. Bush."

    I'm only surprised that, with all of the other problems facing our country, Obama made it a priority to make sure wolves weren't delisted & reinstate dfederal funding for NGO's providing abortions in other countries in his first day in office.

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