i have 2 30" cartel stabalizers 1"in diamiter with quik disconect and end weight
i also have 2 7" ones can be used as side rods or stabalizers
the also have quik disconects on them with end weights they look the same as the 30" ones
color is rootbeer like the mathews rootbeer color AIM calls it
camo if you want to see what they look like see them at www.aim.com
these are new will sell all 4 stabalizers for 100.00 shipped
single price 40.00 each for the 30" 20.00 for the 7" ones shipped
the retail on these are 80.00 for the 30" 39.99 for the 7" ones
if you are interested you can call me at 401-461-9290 ext 232 daytime 8.00am till 4.30 pm et
will acept money orders as payment not set up for paypal
im not on this forum much if you are interested please call
check my feed back on archerytalk.com thanks