*ProLine BowStrings*
Alot of you have gotten to know some of us from ProLine BowStrings through AT,3D shoots.com, and other archery forums.
As some of you may know, we started as a local company just helping out friends and local shops.
We then began to expand here on 3Dshoots, and other forums.
We know provide Custom Bowstrings for many dealers.

We have a very strict process, in both the building process, as well as the serving process. Special designed jigs, for our unique building process.
All of our strings are made of 452x BCY material, served with Halo .014 BCY material, and Center Served with .021 62xs BCY material.
We do offer every color produced by BCY.
We also offer all other materials made by BCY, but 452x is how we make them unless asked otherwise.

Now that you have heard a little bit more about us...
We are offering staff positions, for ProLine BowStrings.

What were looking for:
We would like to extend our staff, not only to Target Shooters, but Hunters as well.

Do you have to be sponsored by other companies now??? No way!
We are a very supportive company, and looking for our name to represented throughout anywhere, and everywhere.

We want shooters, hunters, youth, men, women...
No restrictions here.

This is a chance for both our company, and our shooters to take advantage of a great opportunity.

We ARE NOT looking to Spam the forums, Simply looking to have product support for ProLine BowStrings.

We are going to be accepting applications Starting Now untill, February 2nd.
All applications need to be Emailed to Sales@ProLineBowStrings.com

Applications need to include:
Short Bio about yourself, and accomplishments on courses or in the field. Pictures are a plus as well.
Phone #

Now after the deadline of the applications, we will need at least 2-3 weeks for review. We want to completely review each and every application.

Thanks everyone, and we look forward to the applications.

ProLine BowStrings

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