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    Default Archery classes in shoots?

    I read in another post that you should decide what class you want to shoot in. (i believe they were talking 3D.... if it makes a difference)

    what are the differences in classes?
    different equipment/experiance?

    I plan on getting a bow for hunting but Love some competition and would enjoy going to some shoots.

    also do they have shoots for youngens? (say 6-7 year olds?)

    I think it is something my son and I could enjoy together.

    thanks for any help and info.
    was told that in our area can shoot everyweekend from Febuary to november if I wanted to.


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    I will tell you how our club does it and we follow the ASA rules pretty much...

    Mini Cub-pretty liberal, they can shoot from where you want them to.
    Traditional - stick bows/recurves usually 25 yd max
    Novice class (30 yd max shot)
    Hunter (40 yd max) no moveable sights and 12" stabilizer max
    Open (50 yd max) shoot whatever you got...stabs/scopes/etc..

    in a nutshell
    Hook 'Em Horns

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    My youngest kid 09 Years old shoots in Cub class and the 15 Years old just graduated from Youth to Young Adult. They have a great time and have built some strong lasting friendships, as well as enjoy healthy competition.

    Junior Division: Is provided for male and female archers in age groups of NFAA Young Adult (15 through 17 years of age), NFAA Youth (age 12 through 14), NFAA Cub (under 12 years of age).

    No archer may compete with or against archers of another junior division in any official National or Sectional championship tournament.

    Archers may elect to compete in any higher division, junior or adult, with written parental consent. An NFAA form in triplicate shall be provided for parental or guardian signature. One copy must be filed with NFAA Headquarters and one copy with the state association Secretary. Once this option has been exercised the archer may not revert back.

    I would personally (and strongly) caution against moving them up even if their skill exceeds their current class. even if they are scoring 30 points more than the rest of the field, they are providing encouragement and helping other kids in their division to try harder. They can also be valuable resources to the other kids in the form of being a "Jr. Coach". Kids will listen to other kids the recognize as suprior shooters and learn from then. Also for them the old Martial Art addage that Teaching is Learning, Twice" is absolutely true. If they step up and take and take on this role, it will only serve to improve themselves, other kids and the sport in general... unless they are arrogant snobs, then let them move up, get spanked and learn some humility.

    Recognized shooting styles for Junior Division archers shall be only the following styles:

    NFAA Young Adult, Youth, Cub:
    Freestyle Limited
    Freestyle Limited Recurve/Longbow

    To summarize;

    Cub: For archers under 12 years of age at National and Sectional tournaments but is optional at state level and below.

    Youth: For archers ages 12 through 14.

    Young Adult: for archers 15 through 17 years of age.

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    Will return sometime in early/mid 2012.

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    arrogant or disrespecting an elder trying to help..... would receive a reallity check.

    are there many 6-7 year olds that shoot?

    also on my account do you start in novice then move to hunter(in my case?)

    thanks for the help guys.


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