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Thread: tuning trykon

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    Question tuning trykon

    I have a trykon and my friend and i are trying to tune it.I'm using gt xt hunters 5575.All we get is a high tear.When we use a stiffer arrow we get bullet holes.My poundage is 60lbs ,29in draw and the 5575 are for that weight.Also we put it through a chrono and at 60lbs with 367 grain arrow it was 267 fps.I shot a 28 in trykon 60lbs with about a 33 grain heavier arrow and it was the same speed.Don't understand what is going on.Any answers

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    hows the nocking point?...

    I had a bit of trouble tuning mine as well... keep in touch with me.

    2006 Hoyt Trykon, 29" at 58#
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    Medium/Black Vapor Trail Strings & Cables
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