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    I pray for you! BUNNYMAN's Avatar
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    Default last day of vacation

    this stinks, gotta go back to work tommarow, was off all last week....

    Went to a couple of shoots...did some catching (when you go fishing but you acctually catch stuff).....Cut down a couple of trees, (firewood)....Did some riding (atv) did about 50 miles yestarday, and boy am I paying for it today....sore muscles.....I can remember even 3 years ago, when I could ride for three days and go 50 miles I pay for it w/stiff muscles for about 2 days afterwords....and the sunburn I got yestarday was terrible, guess next time I will remember the sun block.
    I cut things up and split them down!

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    Unhappy I feel for ya

    Catching huh? How do you do that? I'll have to try it when I Take off in a couple weeks.
    As for the muscles, to the club(The Old Fart Club)

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    Ah yes back to work I hated going back after my vacation over the 4th of July. That first morning getting up at 3:30 just about killed me. Sorry to hear your vacation has come to an end.

    Sore muscles UHHHH....................I do not know what you guys are talking about


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