The Ginger Bread Man


One day a bakers son made a ginger bread man. And while he left to do some arrends for his father the Ginger Bread Man ran off, when the boy came back after a while he saw the Ginger Bread Man was gone, So he looked and looked and serched everywhere for what he made. After serching all over, On the way back he saw his Ginger Bread Man in the window of a shop for sale, He went inside and told the storekeep that that was his Ginger Bread Man and he wants it back. "25 cents and its yours" the shopkeep said. and without reservations and without hessitation he paid the price and claimed what was his. When he got back he sat down the Ginger Bread Man, and in the most loving voice said " I created you, and bought you for a price. Now You are truly mine"