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You'll get it worked out. I was freakin' out all the way up to a few weeks before we left for Florida because I just didn't have my bow all tweaked the way I wanted, then it came together and obviously worked like a charm! I started shooting lights out with it (although you can't tell that from my Florida score but it was enough to win). Remember, I got my bow in November and it took me that long to get everything right on it. You just barely got yours so give it some time. Everything feels different and wrong right now, but you'll get in a groove and it'll be ok. I went to a much shorter ATA bow and I had a terrible time even finding a good anchor on it because the angle of the string was so different from the LX I was shooting last year. Just keep practicing and make yourself slow down and really concentrate on every little step and you'll get it worked out. Oh man, I just realized that I was being nice to you, and that just can't happen! Turkey, get your butt out there and shoot and quit your whining! Whew that felt better!
Julie i was just kidding you cant shoot good when you dont have no arrows i got them know and i am shooting lights out you better bring your A game