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    Default Gold Tip: FOC and Spine Size

    I wanted to know if the FOC for my setup is to high? and If my Arrow's spine size is strong enough? I plan to shoot targets with field tips until October then I will start hunting. I'm new to bow hunting and I haven't shoot these arrows yet because I'm waiting for the the inserts to dry. Thanks

    PSE Brute LT 09'

    draw length 30"
    draw weight 70#
    brace height 8 1/8
    Axle to Axle 32"
    Let Off 80%

    Gold Tip XT Camo Hunters 55/75

    Shaft Length 30.75
    Shaft Weight 8.6 grains per inch
    Nock Weight 12.0
    Fletching Weight 18.0 2 inch blazer vanes x 3
    Tip Weight with insert 140

    Total Arrow Weight 435 grains
    FOC 12.47%
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    First off,

    Now, according to the info you gave, I plugged it into GT's FOC calculator and it put you outside the 8%-12% they recommend. I tried switching you to a 100g screw in tip with insert (115g) and it put you at 10.46%. If you drop to a lower weight tip, your FOC and spine should be fine.

    Here's the link:
    That look on my face is not concern, its shock at your utter stupidity!

    Check out It's an adult archer/hunting site that feels like hunt camp.

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