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Thread: Championship

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    Default Championship

    Just want to take some timeout to thank Janesville Bowmen for Hosting a good Championship this year. No major problems came up. Except maybe my preformance on the range Got to meet a couple of good guys and I want a rematch with Josh . Hope everyone enjoyed the shootoff those boys can get 'er done. Congradulations to the winners and those who also endured the weather to show up and participate.
    Also to remind everyone that the End of the year meeting will be hosted by Blackhawk Field Archers 9/10/06 at 6:00 everyone is welcome and I mean everyone. Shooters, Clubmembers ,Those who would entertain the thought of running for Board and various commitees that we will be forming. Please contact myself at or 708-476-0305
    David Lee
    M.A.C. Board Chairman

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    what was there a shootoff for???
    vibracheck stabilizers
    carbon express
    steiner optics
    custom bow equipment

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    Default Championship

    The shootoff was created to add alittle excitement to the Championship. And may I add it was their idea. To go in front of the crowd and shoot 5 more targets to roll those points into their scores for the day. We also have shootoffs for ties in all divisions.

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    Default MAC Championship

    I to want to thank Janesville Bomen for putting on an outstanding shoot. They had us shooting up hills, down hills and all over the place. I also want to thank Automated Systems of Rockford and Nolan Southfield for their donations to the MAC.
    The shoot off was an great time. Talk about getting the nerves going.
    Thanks to all that put it on and helped out.


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