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    Default Can I switch from .029" pins to .019" pins on my Spot Hogg.?

    I just picked up a Spot Hogg Real Deal last night and all the sights they had at the shop were .029" pins. So I picked one up and after shooting it a bit I think the pins are just to big. Even at 10 yards it was covering up a large protion of the target. And with the 10 and 20 pin so close together it seems smaller pins would be much more beneficial.

    I was wondering if the .019 pins are interchangeable with the .029" pins so I could just swap it out or should I just have them order another sight and exchange it?

    The biggest thing I'm worried about is mine has the wrapp kit already on it so would I have to change all that out as well?


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    Sorry should have researched a little harder.

    Found this on the Spot Hogg website:

    Price: Please contact us for pricing
    Pins for the Hogg-It, Hunter, Real Deal, Right On, Seven Deadly Pins and Barebones are all interchangeable. Available pins are: .019 fiber optic, .029 fiber optic, .039 fiber optic, and .045 aluminum pin.

    Fiber optic colors: Red, Green, and Yellow. Pins come with or without a turret. What is a turret? Click the picture at left!

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    Look here at the turrets, they are 2 different lenths depending on which pin in the sight you want.
    The actual pin slides within the turret.
    I've only had 1 "wrap kit" in my hands, so I'm no expert, but if I remember right, the pins are pre-loaded onto the ends of the fibers. Changing the pin itself is no problem, but I don't know how you'd change out the wrapped fiber?
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    Guess you already found out you can get smaller pins. Dop yourself a favor and can the tern yard pin. You don't need it. There's only about 1" difference in POI using a 20 yard pin to shoot 10 yards. And nobody shoots 10 yards anyhow.
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    Give them a call at spot-hogg .they changed all the pins in my hogg-it for $15.00 plus shipping to them and they paid for shipping back to me. there customer sevice is great.
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    If you have good eyes and you can swing it try the .010 pins my groups shrank considerably
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