Our vision has been, and will continue to be, to create a version of this sport that will entice the hunters not yet shooting 3D archery, to come give it a try. How you ask? By recreating the hunting story, threw those that come and experience our 3D archery concept. We all have that story we love to tell of a close encounter that didnít present the right opportunity to kill the buck of a lifetime. So, instead of the hunters hearing of long distance being the story behind 3D archery. We want them to hear stories that resemble things they have experienced themselves in real life hunting situations. And, how when you experienced them, first with a foam animal, that preparation allowed you to have the confidence, to successfully overcome these scenarios, and killing the trophy we all desire.

If you approach our events from the common perspective that 3D archery is only a target shooting sport, and not at all hunting practice. Then, trust me you will leave very disappointed, some have even left upset. However, if you can bring yourself to look at 3D archery, from our perspective, as being good hunting preparation. You will find a new found tool and enjoyment for the sport you already love. We believe that this concept worked for the five of us and will work for each and everyone of you just the same. Embrace, your hunting roots along with ours, for our events are designed to be True Hunting Experiences.

THE was not, is not, and will not be designed to be just your average 3D shooting sport. THEís original birth and purpose was to teach Brad Storts, Brad Carlson, Robin Goerge, Mike Gould, and myself to be better hunters. With that goal in mind is why we set our shot presentations in such unorthodox settings compared to the rest of the organized 3D shooting world. We are trying our best to make each scenario as close to a real life should you or shouldnít you situation as possible. The only way to prepare for the toughest shoots, which a mature animal can and will present you with, is to simulate them on 3D courses. Here at THE, 3D archery is and always will be first and foremost hunting practice.

Written 2009

You can find this and more @ [URL="www.the3d.org"]