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    Default TMax27 check this out

    Here a good illustration of good draw length and a good way to shoot a wrist strap release. Most try to strech that finger way out and often it leads to punching the release.

    Mike here is one of the best index finger release shooters in the world.

    He shoots a heavy trigger. He lulling with his back muscles to make the release go off.

    Dietmer Trillus is another great index finger shooter. He has his finger way up and curled as well.

    Once you get used to shoot this way. You will never shot any other way.

    Had fun last night shooting. Look forward to it again.
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    I had a ton of fun too other than the nerves

    Last night I shortened up my release and it did feel better messing with it in the house. I will shoot again tomorrow after work or possibly bring my target in the house after church tonight and practice with the new release position.
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