Looking for a new compound to start over with and just wanted to get some opinions. 6 years ago I had to take an unwanted break from bowhunting because of a shoulder injury. I've recently been cleared to start into a program to get me shooting again. Besides that I started my son on his first bow recently at the age of 6 and wow, He's taking to it unbelievably well. He wants to shoot a couple times a day.
I am looking for honest input from the people that would know and that can help me make a descision about what bow to buy. I know it all comes down to which one feels good and shoots well for me. but if anyone has any input into any compounds that are out there that are what they consider to be smooth, fast and flat shooting, I would appreciate it. I'm really surprised at how the technology has changed just in a few short years.
I've been looking at Parkers,Martin's and Brownings. If anyone has any information about which manufacturers have the best records or most wins in tournament or 3D shoots please give me a heads up.
Thanks for your assistance.