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Thread: Who won?

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    Default Who won?

    Anyone have the shoot results? I checked the Mac site and it's not updated.
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    Default mac results

    The shoot was a good one. The best part was watching the money guys shoot off. There was a 1 point lead coming out of the woods to the 5 animal shoot off. Jeff Borg was leading followed by Jeff Johnston. Bryan Robbins and Jessie Knight were real close also. With Nolan Southfield not far behind. The first target Johnston shot an 8 and Borg shot an 11. Next target Johnston shot a 10 just missing the 11 and Borg shot another 11. Johnston shot another 8 and Borg shot 10's the rest of the way out. The end results were Jeff Borg in 1 st Jeff Johnston in2 nd, Jeessie Knight 3rd Bryan Robbins 4 th and Nolan Southfield 5 th. They paid out almost $1000 to them guys. Not bad for an afternoon.

    The MBO class Anthony Neumaier 1 st Damian Considine 2 nd,David Higginbotham 3rd

    MBR was Cheyenne Voss, Dean Beschen, and Steve Phalen

    There was a male youth that shot a 321. Man talk about some good shootin. Them money boys better look out.

    The resuls page is up on the mac site.

    Good shootin to all.

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    How was the shooter turnout, was there a lot of shooters.
    Was there only 5 guys shooting in the money class?
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