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    Default First Shoot of 2009!!! New Haven Racoon Club

    Today was out first local shoot of 2009. After a few weeks of bitter cold and snow, we had a nice break in the weather today. Woke up to 40 degrees, and sunny. Perfect 3D weather in my book!!! About half way through, it clouded up, and the wind kicked in, and it got chilly. It felt so good to get out shooting after almost 3 months without a shoot.

    We all shot fairly well today. I ended up with a 274 for the day, with no nickels. I only dropped 6 points on the first 15, but distance, terrain, and fatigue caught up with me on the hilly second half of the course, and I dropped 20 on the last 15. I was in second place with only one group not checked in. Jen shot a 264, on a pretty tough course. Scott shot a 268 from a tricky pro stake. Jared shot in the 240's or 250's, I can't remember, using my Dren LD which is a little short for him. Mellisa was around 200, after only haven shot a couple courses, and none as tough as this one.

    Here are some pics from the day...

    Scott, christening the new rig...

    Jen, me Jared, and Mellisa shooting...

    Scotty, Jen, and me shooting a double...

    Mellisa and Jen shooting a deer...

    Vortex Optics Field Staff
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    Scott showing off the new Ultra Elite...

    Jared showing his form with the Dren LD...

    Mellisa showing off her "Coach" fabric quiver by Wheely...

    Scott. myslef, and Mellisa shooting the Evil downhill double, off the cliff, into the skeet field. 35 yard leopard, 42 yard Lion. This is one of the trickiest shot we have in out local shoots. What a crappy double to end a shoot The pictures don't do this shot justice! ...

    Was a great day today. I'm so glad 3D season is rolling again!!!
    Vortex Optics Field Staff
    The Sportsmans Outpost, Wolcott, CT
    Algonquin Archers Inc., Woodbury CT.
    VaporTrail Archery ProStaff
    U.B.C. (United Bowhunters of Connecticut)

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    Absolutely hate that last shot.

    If it wasn't for the wind it would've been hot. Felt good to get out and shoot again. Still feeling out the new setup but it will come. Everyone shot pretty well considering the layoff for the winter.
    Vortex Optics Field Staff

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    Great photos! Spending time with friends and family doing something you all enjoy is what itís all about, thanks for sharing

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