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    Default PSE XForce Short

    Just wanted to hear opinions on the short bows and expecially the PSE xforce. I shot 2 shots through one and the speed really beats my Switchback XT. Hard draw, but breaks down nice.

    I have hit a lot of limbs and roof of my blind with Switchback and thought about looking at the short bow. Wanted to hear some opinions first.
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    Nice shootin fast lil bow...I know 2 guys that actually sold theirs though bc they couldn't confidently shoot it past 30 yds...and they're experienced and fine shooters.
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    I have a X-Forces TS which is only 2inches bigger in ATA. I don't have any problems shooting good groups out to 40 yds with broadheads. Respectable at 50yds. If your a good shooter you should be fine. But if all else fails go ask to shoot the bow at 40yds. I will admit the X-force are not very forgiving if your form is poor.
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