Well, it was my first time shooting in a tournament - it was regional qualifying on the 8th, and I was excited to say the least.

I had my bow all waxed up, every screw checked for tightness, every arrow tested, ate properly...got all ready to go out and shoot my first tournament round ever...was hoping for a 300, 50x...that would have made me very proud of myself.

My first arrow, I couldn't believe how nervous I was...I could barely hold in the 5-spot...I couldn't believe the added pressure once they officially started the shoot.

I managed to go 7 ends until I collapsed on a shot, and hit the 4....DANG! There goes my dreams of shooting the 300. Managed to hold onto a 299, 42x which is a great score for me...I've been doing archery for about 1.5 years now...most of you can probably remember me getting my Hoyt 2 Septembers ago, and learning everything I know from you on here, and now, here I am, shooting on average a 299, 45x. I am very proud of how I shot on Sunday, just wish I could have gotten that 300. But, the tounament will be on March 21/22, so stay tuned for results...maybe I'll win my flight. Who knows!