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    Default Spine stiffness and OT2

    I was messing around with On Target2. Most of my setups are slightly weak or stiff. At what yardage does the correct spine become an absolute necessity to your accuracy.
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    Usually a lot farther than you can accurately shoot. As an example I just downloaded the software and plugged in my bow and arrow specs. I knew before hand that my arrows were stiff for what I'm now shooting. but they are what I have for now.

    Anyway, for my setup on my new Moab OT2 says my optimum spine is .772, but my arrows are GT UL 500's. They shoot just fine and when I'm on my game they group within 2" out to 40 yards. Due to some physical limitations that's as far as I've been shooting.

    I'm going to get some UL-600 shafts and as time goes by and I build up some strength again they should work pretty fine. Now do you honestly think I'm going to use this software and tweak my arrows down to the last 1/8" or play around with point weight from 80 or 85 grains? Or whether I'll use a vane that weighs 5.5 grains vs 6.4 grains. You have to be joking.
    Like a difference of an inch at 100 yards is something I can achieve.

    As I said, I downloaded the trial version to see what all the fuss is about. Frankly I can figure this stuff out in my head close enough and then tweak my bow a little to match the arrow.
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