Yes, I'm new to the sight and fairly new to 3D/target shooting, but I've been an avid bowhunter since I was 12 years old. (I'm 30 now). There used to be a place in my hometown called King Archery which had bred a couple of olympic archers, and this would have been the place to go for me with any questions, but they went out of buisness years ago. So enough blabbing and I'll get to my question.

I just bought a new target sight from Davis called "The System". It's a 5" sight with a 8.5" extension. It came with a davis 4X scope, a pin light, and several .19 pins. The scope is also in an armored mount. Pound for Pound it appears to me to be every bit as good as any sure loc I've seen. But here again, I don't have much experience with target sights. I noticed that the scope has quite a bit of leverage over the sight bar (the actual sight bar, not the extension bar), and I can actually flex it back and forth by hand. It's not like it's loose, and I've made double sure that all fasteners are solid, but I can move it right to left. The entire scope mount moves, not just the scope and I can tell that it's rotating on the main shafts and the main elevation adjustment screw. If I take the scope off, it's very hard to notice, but the scope mounted makes for a lot of extra leverage.
Now, please before anyone reply's know this. There doens't seem to be anything wrong with the sight, and it functions flawlessly. Furthermore I'm not an idiot, so useless info, I can do without. But if anyone has EXPERIENCE with any 4" or bigger target sight from any of the major manufacturers, please tell me weather this seems normal or not. I do know that it seems to have a lot to do with the fact that it is a 5" sight (longer the elevation screw and bars, the more they can flex), so this is why I say 4" or bigger. I'm sorry if I sound long winded, but I have experience with forums and it seems that you have to be as clear as possible. If more info is needed please ask me and I'll reply immediatly, Thank You and I hope to gain much knowlege from this sight.