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    Default Adjust Idler Roller

    I have a mathews drenalin and the idler roller is slightly slanted. How can I get that back in line?

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    I'm assuming you mean the idler have to press it and twist one side of the yoke cable that connect on the outside of the limbs to straighten it out. Either have to put twists in one OR take twists out of the other side to even the tension on the limb tips.....

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    Be careful about changing the idler wheel lean. My Ovation has a factory spec that includes idler lean that is not straight. The Idler straightens out as the bow is drawn to full draw. I was confused about that at first too when I saw that when I first bought that bow.

    I don't know about the Dren because of the narrower limbs and general narrower geometry but you might want to call Mathews or check out their WEB site and/or forum to be sure you are not going to fix something that is not broken.

    How does it shoot ?

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    Mathews Idler are slanted / at rest and straighten up at full draw if it is leaned at full draw add a twist to the yoak cable to get it straight
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