Im listing this bow for my buddy. He bought this bow after he found his soon-to-be ex wife had cut the string on his previous bow. OUCH! I would have liked to seen her expression when she made the first cut. Anyway, he bought this Diamond, shot about 25 arrows through it and then fell into a killer deal on a Drenalin so, this one has to go.

Its a Diamond "Rock" left hand, practically brand new. Its equipped with 70lb limbs with a 29" draw. It comes with a Whisker Biscuit. He paid $400 for bare bow, and wants
$350.00 TYD, paypal. Thats fifty youre saving on the bow plus the rest. Where else you gonna spend your tax refund?

If you guys have any questions, shootem my way.

Brace Height 7"
Axle to Axle 31 5/8"
Draw Length 29"
Draw Weight- 70
IBO Speed 310 - 318 fps
Kinetic Energy 78.6 fpe
Adjustable Let-off 65% - 80%