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Thread: Fletching

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    Default Fletching

    want to start fletching my own arrows because my closest shop sucks bad and the shop i go to is 60 miles away he says i need to buy bitzenburer jig any advise? also a buddy swears by arizona ez fletchers what would you use?
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    I have heard good things about most fletching jigs but the consensus is that bitz is the best.

    I recently purchased a bitz and find it easy to use and well-made.

    I am a beginner when it comes to fletching. It took me about 3 arrows to figure out what the exact right amount of glue was and a couple dozen arrows later you cannot tell my arrows from a pro-shops except mine look better because I care more. I'm not all that fast but it doesn't matter because I can be particular and take as much time as I want.

    Wish I'd started doing these myself years ago. Shops are up to $2.50 per arrow now for re-fletching. Do a couple dozen and you've almost paid for your setup. 3 dozen and you have.

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    I have only ever used a bitzenburger jig. I looked at the other ones but was able tobuy used bitzenburger jigs for about the same price. They are easy to use. It does take some time but that is part of the fun of it. I have three jigs and use them all at the same time when fletching aroows. I got away from it for a few years because using FOBs but now my wife, and two boys shoot with vanes and I am back at it. It is not hard to fgure out. You will enjoy doing it once you get over how much glue, etc.
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    I have a bitz and love it easy to use. I also just bought th3 Bohning blazer helix and it also is easy to use but only does blazers with 3 degree offset. The bitz will give you more versatility. my brother uses the Arizona ez fletcher and he likes that as well, but it is not adjustable like the bitz. I guess it depends on what you shoot.
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    Spend the money on the Bitz it will last you a lifetime...
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    I've used most of the fletching jigs that are currently on the market.

    The only one that I currently use and recommend is the Bitzenberger.

    The ez fletch gave me the worst results of all of them. Also, it is difficult to replace just one damaged vane.

    Arizona makes an inexpensive plastic fletching jig for about $20 that actually works pretty good. It is not adjustable, but is consistent and easy to use.

    One other jig that I've not tried, but have heard good things about is the BPE Pro Fletcher. It's a little less expensive than a Bitz.

    You can make any of them work, but I've found that the Bitz is just easier to get good results.


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    I agree with ALL the above. I think the Blits is the best Jig out there, But you have to ask yourself.
    1 How often am I going to do arrows?
    2 Do you do helical flecth or just straight?

    This will help you with your choise- I have used the $20 AAE II and it did a good job for 2 degree offset, Was easy to use, I had no complaints
    But when I went to feathers and helical I needed a more versital Jig so the Blits is the Ticket for me- I do alot of arrows. Hope this helped.
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    Go with the Bitz. It will pay for itself in time.

    Don't waste your money on the Arizona EZ!
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    I too just began fletching not long ago, had never done it before, friend gave me some "junk fletches" (small tears, sun bleached...) and i had some old shafts that had been shot at things they shouldnt have.....within 2 shafts on that bitzenburger i had it licked, the longest time is set up
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    Quote Originally Posted by iawalleyeguy View Post
    want to start fletching my own arrows because my closest shop sucks bad and the shop i go to is 60 miles away he says i need to buy bitzenburer jig any advise? also a buddy swears by arizona ez fletchers what would you use?
    I don't like the EZ Fletch. I had a few and gave them to my buddy. I have 2 old bitz jigs (probably 30 years old) and thy still work great!!

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    bitz is the way to go you will spend more on fleching then you will on the bitz that last for ever
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