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    Default Setting up New Archers, what a blast

    In the past two months I have setup like 8 new archers. These are people with absolutely no archery experience.

    Most of them bought new bows but some were just lessons to get them started.

    It was amazing to see their faces the first time they hit the bullseye. Granted, most could not do it on every shot but they were doing pretty well by the time we were done.

    I had a couple of guys that were consistantly hitting the white on a single spot target from 20 yards.

    I think it was as much fun for me as it was for them.
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    I do a lot of that type of work at our local shop.

    It is great for sure. During the winter months I teach an 8 week long class for youth archers.. ages 5-16 that are interested in shooting and the techniques to becoming accurate. It is quite a blast to see their "scores" get better.

    The archery community thanks you chris!

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    I totally agree. I've gotten 2 of my friends into archery in the last few weeks and i'm working on finding a good used bow for a 3rd. Its awesome!

    and you think they grin a lot when they hit the white... my buddy got a robin hood the first night shooting. (when using my arrows! that rat)

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    i just started lettin my little bros shoot a bow .... gotta love those brave bows.... its funny to watch em shoot

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    I have volunteered when ever possible to help any youth in archery. I most enjoy setting up a bow for young archer. I try to let them help set it up. Even hold and passing tools makes a difference in my experience.

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    i was wondering if you could help me get all set up again i just got back from getting my shoulder fixed all up so i went out shooting with somefriends and i was way low i don't know it is from not shooting all this time that my form went bad or did i just lose my pins. the only reason why i say that is during last years season i had to get my bow all new strings and it took me for ever to get all set up again. so i was wondering what you think about it.

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    About three weeks ago I set up a spare bow that I had for the summer help that works at the shop. Took him to a couple of shoots, he has had such a blast that now his girlfreind wants to start shooting and were working on a bow for her right now....This past weekend he was about ten points behind me .....hes been shooting before and after work every day.....
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