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    Default Tigress Elite Nitrous-X

    AKA: "Icky's FrankenMartin"(r)

    So my daughter lovers her Tigress riser because it "fits her hand as is not too heavy. She likes Elite limbs because the "look sweet". She like "X" Cams "just because".

    So, I started assembling pieces and parts....

    Originally, I had some strings off a Mystic Furious X.
    Shoot String : 52-1/2"
    Cables: 41-1/4"

    They gave me:
    Axle to Axle of 40"
    Brace Height of 7"

    But the were just too long and caused the control cables to slightly rub the inside of the limb cut-outs. needed to go a bit shorter...

    I put some spare cables off a P3 Nitrous-X
    Shoot: 50
    Cable: 39-1/2

    This gave me:
    Axle to Axle of 38""
    Brace Height of 8-1/2"

    Took care of the contact, but it did pre-load the limbs too much and I think the brace height might be a bit long...

    Soon as my Tax Refund gets here I'm going top but a string making jig and try my hand at making my own strings.

    I'll start at:
    Shoot: 51
    Cables: 40-1/2

    That should bring my A/A to 39" and bring my BH down to about 7.5", or so. Near as I can guestimate.

    I'll also need to order some 0L Elite Limbs from Martin since these 3H are just a tad too heavy for her even backed all the way out 5 turns.

    But all things considered, I think it's coming along nicely. That "Black Chrome Ghost Flame" is really cool next to those Elite Limbs, don't you think?
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    Gone camping in the mountains of Afghanistan.
    Will return sometime in early/mid 2012.

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