THE Circuit Event
How con I shoot this event for only $16
March 7 & 8
Hanna, OK
Muddy Creek
Tony Tolbert (918)843-0529
Shotgun Starts
Both Days
From Indian Nation Tunpike toll gate; exit Hwy 9; go East 2.8 miles to hwy 52; south 4 miles to countryside road turn right; go 2 miles crossover turnpike turn left; go 2 miles to EW127 turn right; go 1.4 miles range located on right at top of hill.

If you are a hunter you will love this range, with shots off cliffs, under cave like over hangs, across creeks, and other surprizes that Tony has up his sleeve. Tony also makes some of the best grilled hamburgers toorder you'll ever eat. This event will be well worth your trip. We will do a awards cermony as soon as all cards are calculated on sunday. We will be handing out our first set of Golden, silver, and brass arrows. Get started on your collection. Bragging rights to those who gain the most arrows thru out the year. Plus, compete for our Grand Slam, or sweep 4 events to be entered into the Supper slamm record book. More info. on the website, [url="www.the3d.org"]
Jimmy Gould
Deerman's THE 3D