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    Default Tuning and timing...

    Good day all;
    I have a question about timing of a single cam bow. How do you know if the bow is out of time? Once you know, how do you fix it? My bow seems to "jump up" when I release. Is that an indicator that the bow is not timed properly? Or, is that supposed to happen?

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    Yes if the bow feels like it is jumping then you may have a tunning issue, I am not the best person to talk too about single cams but there are a bunch here that I am sure can help you out.

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    Kind of depends on the bow that single cam is on. A parallel limbed bow will generally have less cam "kick", while a non-parallel single cam will have more, even if the cam is properly oriented. The top limb will come back at you if there's no stabilizer used and you have a loose grip.
    Some manufacturers have marks on the cam, and if the axle to axle, and/or brace height is within specs, and the marks are correctly oriented, your pretty much all set. If the bow has no marks on the cam to go by, I'd contact the manufacturer. If you strike out there, come-on back and give us all the bow info and we'll see if we can help.
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