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    Default 3D archery targets

    Hi, I'm new to this site, and am looking for a good dependable 3d deer target for me and my boys to use. I've seen so many but know nothing about them. Looking for advice from anyone or everyone on what they feel the best 3d target for the money is? thanks for the help

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    Rhinehart are almost indestructable, but they are a little on the pricy side. Well worth the money though IMO.
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    something with a replacable insert in the target area

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    If you're willing to spend the $$$ Rinehart's are the way to go. On a budget, take a look at R&W.
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    I agree with these guys. Definitely Rinehart if your wallet allows. They are pricey, but with these you can just replace the vital insert when needed which is about half the cost of replacing a midsection of a McKenzie. You also have the added benefit of about half the effort to remove arrows compared to McKenzie.

    I can definitely tell you what you don't want. Delta or any of their derivatives from most box stores. Might be sad to say, but if it costs less than at least $150 it ain't going to hold up.
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    might wanna check out

    they have some very reasonable and economical targets. wouldnt mind buying a javy myself sometime.

    ive see some in my neck of the woods. mainly the whistepig (11's the size of a dime) that whole target is just plain small.

    the racoon

    and the kitty is aweful skinny.

    they look to take abuse really well...........and are a good looking target i think.


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    R&W been around for 20 years they are close to here and I have talked with one of these boy's
    he was a art teacher at a HS
    started out making em in his basement
    They have been a good target for some time.

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    I would have to vote Rhinehart also.


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