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Thread: pin nocks

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    Default pin nocks

    can anyone tell me how pin nocks install, do they snap into place where you are still able to twist them for vane alignment or do they glue on?

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    Hope this helps

    The pin nock bushings can be install by taking a thin plastic baggy and pressing the pin nock bushing into the arrow shaft with the plastic baggy in between as soon as you get the bushing started in the shaft tare off the plastic baggy leaving only a small amount of plastic showing - now finish pushing in the bushing it should fit nice and snug to being tight there is a big reason for this > When your at a event and your arrow gets hit hard enough to point of the pin being damaged as well as the pin nock you will be able to take a pliers and pull the bushing replace it on the same manner and throw on a new pin nock and away ya go if you would have glued it in this could be permanent until you get home and then you have to replace it without doing any damage to the shaft.

    The pin nocks themselves just slip on to the pin nock bushing and are able to be rotated to the desire position and these are not intended to be glued onto the pin nock bushing. Some times I had to take a pliers and make a burr in the pin portion of the pin nock bushing with a certain brand so that the pin nock itself was more snug.

    From my experience both Easton and Gold Tips pins have been very good as being - pin to bushing

    Pin nocks are awesome for saving your arrows from being damaged when hit most of the time, they will take a beating before you lose an arrow or a pin nock bushing. I figure they are a cheap insurance policy that saves spending money on replacement arrows all the time

    I hope this helps JDX--
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    I have never used Pin Nocks. Thanks for asking hunt55. And thanks for the clear instruction JDX.


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    I am useing them this year we all use teff lon tape works good
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