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Thread: How straight??

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    Default How straight??

    I'm looking to buy some new arrows. The question is how straight of a shaft do we really need to see a noticeable point of impact? With a drop away rest the arrow is not traveling the hole distance of the shaft. I personally don't believe that it stays on any rest the whole length of travel. I do believe that spine has a lot more to accuracy then straightness.
    Maybe I'm thinking wrong here, but aerodynamics the air is pushed away from the shaft as it fly's.What would a couple of thousands make?

    I'm not the greatest shot in my area,. never will be, but I enjoy it.How much will I be affected? I do shoot to 70 yards for fun at the local range

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    In my experance till you hit the over 40yrd mark you dont see a great deal of differance in .001 or .005, now after 40 you May see a little better point of impact. I think it has more to do with the bow being in tune.

    so that being said buy the best arrows you can afford, buy a Good name brand arrow(there are alot of quality shafts avabile today).

    If you make your own arrows you may want to try to cut both end of the shafts to get the best part of my arrow which is the middle, It stands to reason that if the shaft is .006 from end to end the center Should be straighter than.006.
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    I'm not sure the average archer can tell a .001 to a .005 shaft. I shot my highest 1/2 round field score with a fat boy which is .005 and a 3D Shaft. I typically shoot navigators but I took my 3D bow that day.

    Maybe Javi could jump in here and let us know what he thinks.
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    I've found I can tell the difference between .006 and .003 but not .003 and .001. Even when I was a really good shooter it was this way. That being said it also depends on what the length of the finished shaft is.

    It's pretty well known that if carbon shafts are not stright then most of the imperfection is at the ends. Take a .006 shaft and cut 2" from the nock end. Install the nock and cut the remainder from the point end. The result will usually be a shaft that is straight to within .003 to .002" which is plenty good. This is within tolerance for even Olympic style shooting.

    If you have to shoot a longer arrow, say 30", where there is less to cut off then I'd start with a straighter shaft to begin with. Maybe .003".

    Spine deviation around the shaft is another matter with carbon arrows. Another subject altogether.
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