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Thread: Simple Shooting

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    Default Simple Shooting

    Has anyone felt so caught up in all the twisting, turning, moving and tuning their bows just to sometimes end up right back where you started. Threw up your hands, said forget it I give up. Go take all the junk off the bow and just go out and shoot. Become one with the bow, clear mind of all the other distractions and just let it rip. I find after shooting this way, things clear up, shooting becomes fun again. Then I go back put everything back on and put it away for another day!

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    Default Tournament shooting

    Fine tuning will make us better shooters.

    The idea of keep it simple is a very good thought.
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    Simple is good. Although I am getting into coumpound shooting and it seems like I am headed to do some shooting with others to see where I stack up. But I still love my stick and string bows, no sights, no rests just a piece of wood casting another piece of wood across a span.

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    I think alot of us want to be better- so we OFTEN over think thnigs like tuning, trying every thing we see posted ect. Even if the tips we hear dont apply to us. I think sometimes WE need to not over think it and set our pin and let it fly
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    Shot my first 3d with a compound today since 2007. All of them last year with a recurve. Today's bow had a 3 pin site, short/inexpensive stabalizer, and no peep site. Just anchor, put the pin on, and follow through. Shot a 264 out of a possible 300 on a 30 target course with a 10-8-5 scoring. Not a great score by any means, but it was no pressure, and enjoyable. Brought a friend with me and it was his first 3d. We both came home with all our arrows, and had an Elk burger for lunch to boot. Sometimes it's good to kick back and just enjoy.
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    I agree simple is good. But I shoot much better now than I every did instinctively.


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