Attention Texas and Oklahoma shooters !!! Its game on at Paris !!!

The 1st Annual Texas vs Oklahoma Shoot Out is going to take place on Friday evening April 3, 2009 at 5:00 pm. Here is how its going to work.

You must shoot the city shoot on Thursday to qualify for the shootdown.

We will use the scores from the city shoot on Thursday for Texas and Oklahoma shooters to qualify for shootdown. The top 3 shooters in each class from Texas and the top 3 shooters in each class from Oklahoma will advance to a shootdown that will be held on Friday evening at 5:00 pm. In the shootdown the shooters will start from scratch on the scoring. Each shooter from each class from each state will shoot 3 targets. The scores from the 3 shootdown targets will be totaled and the state with the highest score will be the Texas vs. Oklahoma Shoot Out Champion for 2009.

We have a huge (Texas size) 4 foot tall trophy that will remain on display at the Love Civic Center that will be inscribed with the name of winning state each year.

Classes for the City Shoot:

Pro/Semi Pro
Men's Open
Women's Open
Men's Pins
Women's Pins