I have for sale a nice Bow Press with independantly adjustable compression arms and riser pins making it much more adjustable to the many riser lengths and limb angles. Presses from the limb pockets with no riser pressure. Hydraulic jack, 1/2" steel pins, 1/4" heavy chain, welded eyelets, and heavy duty steel adjustment hook; so there is no chance of anything failing under pressure like the standard hooks, eylets, and clips usually found on these style of presses. I've been using it to press my heavy draw (110 lb.) long ata target/ hunting bows, my short ata carbon riser bows, as well as my Carbon Sidewinder with a parrallel limb design. It will press bows up to a 36" riser, or as short as you'd like. It has 6 straight pins that come with it. I can sell it with or without the jack to save on weight and shipping.
$175 shipped with the jack USA, or $150 shipped without the jack USA.
Paypal preferred payment method.