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    Default PSE BOW for TRADE!

    I have a pse bow that I bought for my son, but it is a right handed ladies model, and we need left handed gear for me and my son. He is 13, and we like to target practice. It would be great if we could trade for some bows that we could both use.
    Please email me for a picture. I'm new here, so I don't know how to post pics yet.
    I'm not sure of the model, but the person I bought it from said it was a $700 bow when new. I'm hoping someone who deals in used archery equipment will trade us for some nice pieces.
    My son, Sam, says THANKS!!!

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    post up some pictures, i am sure i can tell you what it is!

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    Please update your profile with your city and state
    Chris Christenson - Admin - Find Archery Shoots near you - Archery Supplies

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    Default I figgerd it out!!!! hahahahaha

    OK, here are some pics of the bow, guys. I am braindead and couldn't figure out how to shrink my digi pics, so I took some pics on my phone, emailed them to myself, and here they are! Yeah!
    Again, we are looking to trade for some nice bows that are NOT at this level. Sam, my 13 yr old son and I would like some nice stuff for fun and practice. If he really gets into it, I'll buy him a nicer setup down the road. Hoping for a local deal, Upland Ca. close??? I can come to you or the other way around.
    Best way to get to me is

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